April 16         
Today's Bible Readings
     Leviticus 20
     Psalms 25
     Ecclesiastes 3
     I Timothy 5
''The secret of the Lord is with those who fear Him, and He will show them His covenant." (Psalms 25:14)
            In Psalm 25: 12-14 God makes three promises to the man that fears Him.
He will teach him as He chooses.
He will dwell in prosperity.
He will show him His secret covenant.
            What a blessing to know that God Himself will teach us. As we grow spiritually, His teaching is so much a part of our lives that we experience the guidance of God in everyday choices. If we are about to choose what He does not want, He will give us a sense of doubt or restraint, which we must heed. Whenever there is doubt, stop at once. God actually guides our common sense. Therefore, we do not have to continue asking, ''Now, Lord what is your will?'' The knowledge of His will becomes very much a part of our daily walk with Him.
            Then it says that this man who fears God will dwell in prosperity.  How foolish for the believer to live in the poverty of the self-life when the prosperity of God's wisdom and anointing is available for us. We rob ourselves of His abiding companionship when we refuse to obey and follow Him. This man who fears the Lord is promised to know God's secrets.  You can be certain that a person is your dear friend when they share with you their secret sorrows and joys. Have you allowed God to tell you of His joys, or is it impossible for you to hear from God because you are always telling Him things about yourself? At the beginning of our Christian life, we are full of requests to God but then as we grow, we find that God wants to get us into an intimate relationship with Him. Are we so intimately united to Jesus Christ that we know the secrets of God?
            What makes God so dear to us is not so much His big blessings to us, but the tiny things because they show His amazing intimacy to us - He knows every detail of our individual lives. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. You really have nothing else to fear when you fear the Lord.
            One of the reasons I love India so much is my love for William Carey. I attended, and graduated from, William Carey College in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. In visits to England, I have visited his cobbler shop and seen the primitive maps he drew focusing on the number of unsaved souls throughout the world. I visited the church there in Kettering where he preached his famous sermon to strengthen the stakes. He was ridiculed to think that believers should go from places like Britain to a pagan and heathen culture, and perhaps pay with their lives for these people who they did not even know.
This man went to a little known place south of Calcutta called Serampore and started a Christian school! In his first seven years there of translating the Scripture, he had not one convert.
            When I visited in Serampore, I was heartbroken that they are now a secular college. The little room where they keep Carey's library and diaries was depressing. It was dirty, had spider-webs, but I sat there for hours reading his diaries, and learned that he often was beaten almost to the point of death. But William Carey had made two statements that make the difference. He said, ''Attempt great things for God, expect great things for God!'' He also said, ''Whatever else you say about William Carey, say that I am a plodder." Here was a man willing to do anything, go anywhere, and pay any price that India may be brought to Jesus.
            We need an army today of orphans, lepers, trained Christian workers, and of churchmen from the U.S., Britain, etc.
With that kind of commitment, then we will see India changed for the glory of God.
“Should all the hosts of death and power of hell unknown
Put their most dreadful forms of rage or malice in place,
I shall be safe, for Christ displays superior power and amazing grace.”
Isaac Watts