April 26    
Today's Bible Readings
     Numbers 3
     Psalm 37
     Song of Solomon 1
     Hebrews 1
''Delight yourself also in the Lord, and He shall give you the desires of your heart. Commit your way to the Lord, trust also in Him, and He shall bring it to pass." (Psalms 37:4-5)
            This beautiful Psalm speaks of commitment, trust, and rest. The Psalmist makes it clear that we are not to fret. Still, the Christian community is filled with believers who spend most of their time fretting over issues they cannot control. Fretting means getting ourselves ''out of joint'' mentally or spiritually. The Child of God is to have a nature that prohibits the practice of fretting.
            The opposite of fretting is resting in the Lord. Even an unsaved man can rest when all of his circumstances are positive and good. The kind of rest mentioned in this Psalm is not dependent on your external circumstances at all, but on your relationship with God Himself. Fretting and worrying are actually sins. We tend to think that a little anxiety and worry are simply indications of how wise we really are; yet it is actually a much better indication of just how wicked we are. It is not weakness but wickedness. Fretting rises from our determination to have our own way.
            Our Lord never worried and was never anxious because His purpose was never to accomplish His own plans, but to fulfill the plans of His Father. Fretting is not weakness, but wickedness for a Child of God.
            Do you think for one moment that your circumstances are too much for God to handle? You should, right now, deliberately tell God that you will not fret about whatever concerns you. All our fretting and worry is caused by planning without God.
            The Psalmist exhorts us to never plan without God. I have discovered that God seems to always have a delightful way of upsetting the plans that I have made when I have not taken Him into account.  Most of us make our own plans and then ask God to bless them. When He doesn't bless them, we wonder why. The only thing that will keep us from even the possibility of worrying is to make sure that we are partnering with God in our plans.
            Many of us want to put God first in spiritual matters, but think it unnecessary to put Him first in the practical everyday issues of our life.  Every plan we make must be in cooperation with the plan of God for our lives.
Sometimes it is necessary to wait on the Lord to know that we are carrying out His plan (Psalm 37:34), but don't wait, sulking spiritually and feeling sorry for yourself, just because you can't see one inch in front of you. Are we detached enough from our own spiritual fits and emotions to ''wait patiently for Him."? Waiting is not sitting with folded hands doing nothing, but it is learning to do what we are told.
            It is obvious that God wants to bless our plans as long as they are identical with His plans. Delight yourself in Him today and commit your way to Him. He will give you the desires of your heart.
            One of the most difficult places where I have tried to witness for our Lord is in the Netherlands in Europe. There are two claims to fame: (1) a glorious history as a Christian nation and, (2) a decadent present as a secular society that has turned its back on its past. I have witnessed to people there that have never heard a presentation of the Gospel of Christ before my witness.
            Pray today for new life to replace traditions, structural rigidity, and irrelevant theological disputes in the Netherlands. Pray for a recommitment to the Scriptures and a restoring of a prophetic message that is relevant to young people. Pray for a new generation of leaders with spiritual passion for God's glory and for reaching their nation for Christ.
            ''Somewhere in the shadows you will find Jesus, So when the light of your life grows dim, still cling to Jesus. Sink or swim, still at His throne, bend the knee. In Israel's God, thy strength shall be."