April 30    
Today's Bible Readings
     Numbers 7
     Psalms 42 & 43
     Song of Solomon 5
     Hebrews 5
            ''For everyone who partakes only of milk is unskilled in the word of righteousness, for he is a babe. But solid food belongs to those who are of full age, that is, those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil." (Hebrews 5:13-14)
            Do you consider yourself a mature or immature believer today? You really must face this question and deal with this issue. It is not a matter of your biological age in the Lord. Many have been Christians for years and are still on a diet of milk and spiritual pabulum.  Others I have met have known the Lord only a few short months and are moving on to maturity. One of the first steps to reaching maturity is to face your immaturity. He told them in verse 11 that they had become ''dull'' or ''sluggish'' of hearing. It is obvious they had a mental problem and were afraid to face truth that could have practical implications in their lives.
            There is also a moral problem. These believers were behind in their duty. They had been Christians long enough to be teachers, but instead, they needed someone to teach them the first principals of the oracles of God. They were in need of milk, not solid food. In verse 12, he tells them ''you ought to be teachers." The word ought implies moral obligation because we escape personal responsibility and accountability for the truth we have.
            These immature believers were not only behind in their duty, but also in their development. They were still babies.   It is fairly easy to spot a baby by their behavior. Their language is not developed; they demand their rights; they whine and cry when they don't get their way; and they want milk instead of solid food. That's OK if these characteristics are true of a child less than two, but this would be strange behavior of a 30 year old man.
            In this case, these Spiritual babes had made no progress in spiritual things because they were still tied to the apron strings of the old dispensation. It was high time they faced their immaturity. (Verse 13-14) If you find yourself an immature believer today, it is high time you face and forsake your immaturity.
            It is time for many believers to leave the realm of feelings, emotion, and spiritual invasions and to move on to living by the truth and faith. Babies live by feelings while mature individuals live by truth and a strong commitment to be obedient to that truth.
You may never feel like praising God, but you must do it because He said to do it.
You may never feel like giving lavishly to the cause of Christ, but you will give because obedience demands it.
You may not be inclined to witness for Christ because of timidity and fear. You must do it because it is a matter of obedience.
You may find it difficult to find time to pray, but it is essential to everything in your Christian life for you to pray.
You may have to force yourself to study the Word of God, but you must discipline yourself to do it or you will remain a baby all of your Christian existence.
You will be tempted not to go to church, but you must show up to grow up. The Word of God exhorts you ''not to forsake the assembling of yourselves together."
You need to decide today that you will not remain a babe in Christ, but you will face and forsake your maturity and move on in your Christian life. Make the decision now and act on it today. Spiritual immaturity is disgraceful and even dangerous. Make up your mind today to go on with Christ.
            Our ministry has been involved extensively in crusades and pastor training in the Republic of Nicaragua in Central America. Natural disasters, war, and a fervent evangelism has resulted in a great ingathering of souls in this Latin American country. We have discovered that training of nationals to pastor churches is one of the great needs. Pray that God will use the RHEMA Institute to train these pastors and prepare them for the call of God to be fulfilled in their lives. Pray also for unity in the church. Many of the churches are divided on such issues as liberation theology, the work of the Holy Spirit, and inter­personal conflicts.
''Oh, for a heart that is burdened and fused with a passion to pray; oh, for a stirring within me; oh, for His power every day."