August 14

Today's Bible Reading
            I Samuel 4
            Romans 4
            Jeremiah 42
            Psalms 18
“And not being weak in faith, he did not consider his own body, already dead (since he was about a hundred years old), and the deadness of Sarah's womb. He did not waver at the promise of God through unbelief, but was strengthened in faith, giving glory to God.” (Romans 4: 19-20)
            You could have written impossible over the situation faced by Abraham and Sarah. They had already become impatient, and disobeyed God with Hagar, resulting in the birth of Ishmael. That still presents a problem in the Middle East today.
            Now, their situation seemed more impossible than ever before. Abraham was already physically impotent, being about 100 years old, and Sarah's womb was completely dead.  Yet, God had promised them a rightful heir, a son of promise who would carry on the Godly line.  Now, Abraham was ready to believe God, and refused to waver at His Promise.  You know the incredible story of how God took total impotence and infertility, and performed the impossible. Abraham and Sarah were strengthened in faith, and the result was glory to God.  It was obvious to anyone who knew them that this was impossible, and so all the glory went to God.
            You will remember the story of Elijah when the fire of God fell on Mt. Carmel. Elijah refused to take any of the credit, but had the people singing the chorus, ''The Lord, He is God; The Lord, He is God'', and all the pagans who observed it knew that God had sent the fire and performed the miracle. Revival came to the land. Perhaps the greatest reason that revival tarries today is because we steal the glory that belongs to God.
            Away with all the fleshly flattery; away with the exalting of “my ministry, my church, my books.” Oh, the sickening parade of flesh in the pulpits and denominational posts in the modem church. Christian leaders and workers must come to the place of realizing that the only difference between the best of us and the worst of them in the world, is the grace ofGod. 
            We must consider the background of the Apostles, and see how God used them to tum their world upside down. This helps us to understand what Paul meant when he said that God takes the worst of all flesh to use them as His servants. There is no place for pride and arrogance in the life and ministry of faith. We are more inadequate, impotent, and infertile than was Abraham and Sarah; yet, God has chosen to use some of us, but it is all for His glory. 
            Some of us have the attitude of ''Poor God, how could He make it without me, and those like me?'' Why doesn't He fulfill His blessed and yet awful promise, and spew us out of His mouth? We have failed, we are filthy, we love men’s praise, we seek our “own”. Oh, God, lift us out of this rut and this rot; bless us with breaking; judgment must begin with us in the house of God.
            Today, pray for the 300,000 Bekthasi, located in Albania. Their beliefs are more influenced by folk religion and the occult than by Islam. Some have become evangelical believers. There is openness to the Gospel that you do not find among most Muslims.