August 4

Today's Bible Reading
            Judges 18
            Acts 22
            Jeremiah 32
            Psalms 1-2
''He shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that brings forth its fruit in its season, whose leaf also shall not wither; and whatever he does shall prosper." (Psalms 1:3)
            In three short but incredible verses, the first half of Psalms 1 presents us a picture of the disciplined Godly man. Perhaps the greatest need in our culture and our churches is for men to lead their families in the characteristics of Psalms 1:1-3.
            Take a look at the average man today. He is in the rat race, not the right race. We see men with no spiritual guidance for their wives and children. Most men have a macho mentality and believe church and spiritual things are only for women and children. They buy into the culture and, like the man in Proverbs 5, they follow ''Honeylips'' down the trail of disaster.  The grass looks greener on the other side of the fence, and they don't know it is growing over a septic tank.
            But when we read these verses in Psalms 1, we see the kind  of man so desperately needed  in the families of our modem  culture. What kind of man is this:
He is a man who seeks Godly counsel through the Word of God and Christian material readily available to him in the life of his local church. He finds the kind of counsel that will strengthen his life. He is wise enough to get spiritual advice from spiritual people. (verse 1)
He seeks the companionship of saints. (verse 1).  He has discovered that the fellowship of God's people in the church, accountability groups, and Christian organizations help keep him close to the Lord and strengthens  his spiritual life.
He stands with the courageous. (verse 1). He realizes that iron sharpens iron. If he wants to soar like the eagle, he needs to spend his time with eagles.  He avoids the scornful and fellowships with the courageous.
He stands with conviction. (verse 2). This Godly man has found his delight in the Word of God. He realizes that his life must be lived by conviction and not consensus. He has come to understand that men possess opinions, but convictions possess men.  He realizes that these convictions find their root in the Word of God.
He serves with consistency and competence. (Verse 3). He is planted! The roots of his life are fed by the rivers of Living Water.
He is productive. Because of his root system, he brings forth fruit that lasts. 
He is characterized by perseverance. He is a man whose leaf will not wither.
He is prosperous. He may not be materially wealthy, but he is prosperous with his family, integrity, and his reputation among his peers. This man has learned to enjoy true prosperity. This is the kind of man we must have today. He will be a man in demand. This is a challenge to every man, and a challenge to every wife, to help her husband to be this kind of man
            Most of the 66 million Muslims in Turkey have never heard the Gospel one time.  Pray for these people who have faced many natural disasters, but whose greatest sadness is to be in the spiritual darkness without the Gospel to change their lives.