December 12

Today's Bible Reading
     II Chronicles 13
     Revelation 3
     Haggai 1
     John 2
''His mother said to the servants, 'Whatever He says to you, do it'." (John 2:5)
            All of us know that Mary was the mother of our Lord and had that privilege because she was a noble and godly young woman. We also know, however, that she had no power to save and there was no deity in her whatever. The closest thing to her Gospel was what she said during the first miracle of our Lord. It was the occasion of turning the water into wine at the wedding in Cana of Galilee. She said to the servants, ''Whatever He says to you, do it." That ought to be the characteristic of every Child of God -absolute obedience to every word of our Lord.
            This first miracle of our Lord presents to us so many truths that it is impossible, in such a short devotion, to present them all. The Gospel of John gives us seven miracles, or signs, that our Lord performed. In this first sign, the Lord Jesus transcends the laws of nature that He established when He ''created the Heavens and the earth."  He demonstrates His authority over creation because He is the Creator.
            Nature takes months to tum water into wine. The water, vitamins, and minerals are drawn up through the roots, stems, and branches of the grapevine, and through the complex process of photosynthesis, they are turned into the fruit that ripens in the sun. The fruit is then harvested, pressed, and made into wine. Only God, who created all things, and established the laws of nature, could, in an instant, duplicate the process of nature by turning water into wine. It was a perfect vintage, created by the omnipotent God.
            It was the custom at such a celebration to serve the best wine at the beginning of the feast, and the poorest wine when all the guests were filled. When the servants served the newly created wine to the master of the feast, the master called the bridegroom and said, ''You have kept the good wine until now."
This is good news for those who are saved by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ - the best is yet to come. The Christian life at its best in this world is that life enjoyed with Christ Jesus. When He comes for His Bride, we will eat and drink with Him at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb -the best is yet to come, and it will never end.
So consider some of the vital truths set forth in this wonderful miracle.
The inadequacy of religion - Jesus told them to fill their water pots. Verse 6 tells us that there were six of them and they were for the purification of the Jews, containing 20-30 gallons each. Jesus told them to fill them with water. Six was the number of imperfection and incompletion. The water and the water pots represented the inadequacy of religion.
 The need for our obedience. The Gospel of Mary was, ''Whatever He tells you to do, do it." If we are to be victorious in our lives, we must obey Him. 
The best is yet to come. The best wine was saved until the end of the feast and, for the Child of God; the best is always yet to come.
·     The purpose of the miracle. This miracle presented Jesus as a better way than religion. According to verse 11, it manifested His glory to those who were present. You do not have to be satisfied with the inadequate provision of the best this world has to offer.  You can enjoy, right now, the very best of both worlds as Jesus manifests His glory in you. It is important that you obey the Gospel of Mary and whatever He says to you - doit! Remember, the best is yet to come!
The Kingdom of Lesotho is the only country in the world with its entire area of above 1,000 meters in altitude. There are approximately 2.5 million people that live in Lesotho. The people are called Sotho and make up some 72% of the population. The Christian church in this country has allowed traditionalism and nominalism to weaken them in both the Catholic and evangelical traditions.  The hope of this church is a spiritual awakening and a great movement of the Holy Spirit among God's people. The church needs Bible teaching leadership, a deeper commitment to prayer, and involvement of women in Christian leadership. 
''It is all right for the preacher to comfort the distressed, but it is also the preacher's duty to distress the comfortable.''
Dr. Bob Jones, Sr.