Today's Bible Readings
     Genesis 44
     Job 10
     Mark 14
     Romans 14
''For none of us lives to himself, and no one dies to himself." (Romans 14:7)
            I was in South India in a crusade when the pastor said, ''the church leaders think your hair is too long, and the response of the people would be better if you got a haircut." It was the worst haircut of my life, but God blessed the crusade.
            Are you really responsible spiritually to God for other people? Your answer to this question may reveal your level of spiritual maturity. When a believer is young in the Lord his choice is usually between good and evil, as he struggles with habits of the old life. As he grows spiritually, he is choosing between good and better. Still, he is concerned mostly with himself. Then he reaches a level of maturity where he is choosing between better and best. The believer is then considering how his activities and attitudes will affect those around him, particularly the sensitive nature of a weaker brother.
            It is true that all of us must answer to the Lord at the Judgment Seat of Christ.  ''For we must all stand before the judgment seat of Christ''. (Romans 14:10) It is also true that we are each individually accountable to God. (Romans 14:12)
The mature believer, however, will be very conscious that his attitude and activities may put a stumbling block in the way of his brother. (Romans 14:13) Therefore, a mature believer will be very much aware of his responsibility to his fellow believer.
I have observed the tragedy of many influential Christians turning away from God and causing everyone around them to suffer immeasurably. In the Body of Christ ''if one member suffers all the members suffers with it...''.  (I Corinthians12:26) If you allow physical selfishness, mental carelessness, moral insensitivity, or spiritual weakness, everyone in contact with you will suffer. But you ask, ''Who is sufficient to live up to such a lofty standard?'' Our sufficiency is from God and God alone.  (II Corinthians 3:5)
            It is important for you to know that everything we do will touch and influence the lives of others in the body of Christ. Therefore the following questions are very important for each of us to answer.
            Did God lead me here just to be saved and sanctified?
            Am I willing to be broken bread and poured out wine for Him?
Am I willing to be of no value to this age or this life except for one purpose and one alone - to be used to disciple men and women to the Lord Jesus Christ?
            It is important that Jesus Himself be the focus of all that we are and do. Remember it is quite possible for God to set any of us aside if we refuse to be of service to Him - ''. ..Lest when I preach to others I myself should become disqualified." (I Corinthians 9:27)
            Remember today that everything you do and say will affect your fellowship with the Savior and influence the lives of those around you. You are indeed your brother's keeper.
            One of the most beautiful countries in the world is the country of Austria. This beautiful mountainous region contains over nine million people. One of the most beautiful cities of the world is Vienna, its capital. If just the Christian tourists who visit Austria would share Jesus with one or two lost people while they were there, you would see the greatest harvest of souls in the history of the nation.
I remember stopping overnight in Austria with a group of short-term missionaries returning from Romania. We were given a brief tour in the evening, and we had the privilege of leading our bus driver to Christ. I have never seen a person so beside himself with joy and happiness as George, our bus driver. He was in his mid 50's, and had never had anyone on any occasion tell him how to be a Christian. We did not use the word ''Born Again'' in our presentation of the Gospel, but after receiving Christ, with tears streaming down his face, he said, ''It's like I've been born again." With all the reasons that people tell us that Austria cannot be reached, it will be reached when God's people become serious about personally sharing Jesus Christ with lost people one on one.  Pray that will begin to happen in Austria.
''God help us seek popularity where it counts - at the court of God!''