Today's Bible Readings
     Genesis 13
     Nehemiah 2
     Matthew 12
     Acts 12
''Is not the whole land before you? Please separate from me. If you take the left, then I will go to the right; or, if you go to the right, then I will go to the left." (Genesis 13:9)
            I have discovered that as a Christian grows, they move between choosing good or evil to a level of choice between good and better. Perhaps the most significant level of Christian growth, however, is revealed when a believer is choosing between the better and the best.
            You will discover very early in your walk with God that many possibilities will open up to you. You will be drawn to many physically and socially gratifying experiences and relationships. You will soon discover that many of your choices are very difficult and complex. You will discover possibilities that you believe you have a right to or that you deserve. When you are living the life of faith, at times you will waive your rights and let God make your choice for you.
            In our passage, Abram waived his rights and left his destination to God. Lot chose the direction that seemed most likely to satisfy his physical and material needs. Abram left the choice up to God. Many would say that Abram had every right to make the choice of which direction he would go. Whenever our right becomes the guiding factor of our lives, it dulls our spiritual insight. The greatest enemy in the life of faith in God is not sin. It is making good choices that are not God's best for you. The good is always the enemy of the best. When you are living the life of faith, you will joyfully waive your rights and allow God to make your choice for you. This is the discipline God uses to transform the natural into the spiritual through obedience to His voice.
            Many believers  do not  continue  to  grow  spiritually  because  we prefer  to  choose  on the basis  of our rights  instead of relying on God to make the choices for us. We must learn to walk with our eyes focused on God. God said to Abraham ''...walk before me. .." (Genesis 17:1) When you walk with your eyes focused on Him, you cannot err. He will always choose the best for you. When you make the choice and reject His will, the best you ever get is second best.
            It may be that you feel you are effectively serving the Lord in the comfort zone of your own culture. Is it possible you have accepted the good in place of the best? Pray for God to make His will clear to you regarding world missions. Your greatest joy and happiness will be found as God reveals His best for you. Total abandonment to His will and complete obedience is where you will discover God's best for you.
            ''Until self-effacing men return again with spiritual leadership, we may expect a progressive deterioration in the quality of popular Christianity year after year until we reach the point where the grieved Holy Spirit withdraws - like the Shekinah from the Temple."
Dr. A. W Tozer