Today's Bible Readings
     Genesis 26
     Esther 2
     Matthew 25
     Acts 25
''Then Festus, when he had conferred with the council, answered, You have appealed to Caesar?            To Caesar you shall go!'' (Acts 25: 12)
            Matthew 25 and Acts 25 seem to be dealing with completely different subjects. Yet there is common ground that should speak to the heart of every human being. Jesus tells us of wise virgins who made right decisions and foolish virgins who made the wrong choice. (Matthew 25: 1-13.) He then tells us of God's servants who invested their talents wisely contrasted with one wicked and lazy servant who made the wrong choices. (Matthew 25:14-30)
            Then in Acts 25 we read of a Roman governor who made a tragically wrong decision. In fact, this portion of the book of Acts tells us of three tragic responses to truth that occurred in Caesarea.
            First, we discover Governor Felix who illustrates the tragedy of procrastination.  His tragic choice was to put God off until another time and it cost him everything. Acts 24:25 - Now as he reasoned about righteousness, self-control, and the judgment to come, Felix was afraid and answered, “Go away for now; when I have a convenient time I will call for you.”
            Governor Festus responded to truth by passing the buck.  Acts 25:12 - ''Then Festus, when he had conferred with the council, answered, You have appealed to Caesar?  To Caesar you shall go!''  Festus refused to make a decision and passed it along to Caesar.  His choice represents cowardice and fear.
            Then, finally Paul stood before King Agrippa.  His response was very typical of many in today's culture.  He represents the tragedy of the almost. Acts 26:28 – “Then Agrippa said to Paul, You almost persuade me to become a Christian.''
            Today men still have the option of going in either of these two directions regarding Jesus Christ . . . to receive Him or reject Him . . . to obey Him or to do what is right in their own eyes.
The number of languages in Asia is staggering. There are close to 2,000 known languages, which represent 27% of the world's total. This does not include hundreds of Indian languages and dialects.  Portions of Scripture have been translated in only 250 or less of these languages. There are probably more than 1,000 languages in Asia without a translation of the New Testament.  Pray for the provision of the written word for the unreached people groups of Asia.
''Whole days and weeks have I spent prostrate on the ground in silent or vocal prayer."
George Whitfield