Today's Bible Readings
     Genesis 30
     Esther 6
     Mark 1
     Romans 1
''I am a debtor both to Greeks and to barbarians, both to wise and to unwise.'' (Romans I :14)
            Perhaps the greatest inspiration in Paul's life was his fear of Jesus Christ as his spiritual creditor. He knew that he owed Jesus everything. He also knew that he had experienced in Christ that which God desired for the entire world. He knew that he was the recipient of Jesus' death and resurrection. He knew that God was willing that none should perish, but that all should come to repentance. Therefore, Paul felt that he was indebted to Christ and indebted to a lost world to share what he had experienced in God's great salvation. He was spending his life to express his overwhelming sense of indebtedness to Jesus and to a lost world?
            Do I feel that same sense of indebtedness to Christ regarding every unsaved soul? Am I doing anything to enable Him to bring His redemption into evident reality in the lives of others? I will only be able to do this as I allow the Spirit of God to work in me this sense of indebtedness.
            When Jonas Salk presented the Polio vaccine to the American Medical Society they all stood to their feet and gave him an ovation that lasted more than fifteen minutes. Certainly this famous doctor and his wonderful discovery were worthy of this applause. The truth is if Jonas Salk had kept this vaccine to himself he would have been guilty of a criminal act and should have gone to prison. God has given us the truth of salvation and the good news of the gospel. Do you feel the overwhelming sense of responsibility to share it with a lost world?
            I am not to see myself as a superior person among other people - I am a bondservant of the Lord Jesus Christ. Paul said, ''.. .you are not your own, you are bought with a price . . ." (I Corinthians 6:19-20) Paul sold out to Jesus Christ and said, ''I am debtor to everyone on the face of the earth because of the gospel of Jesus. I am free only that I may be an absolute bond servant of His."
            What is a bond slave (doulos) of Jesus Christ? He is a servant who realizes he has no personal rights, privileges, and freedoms and has even given up the right to complain. (Luke 17:7-10) It is time to quit worrying about yourself and spend your life for the sake of others as the bondservant of Jesus. This is not only the highest honor in human life but it is the true meaning of the broken bread and poured out wine for the master.
The prayers of God's people need to be focused on North and South America as well as those nations that lie beyond the ocean. We can rejoice in the spiritual impact that North America has had, and especially the USA, on the world. We praise God for great evangelists, great missionary statesmen, and the generosity of God's people, especially in their commitment to mission's advancement. May this influence continue and supplant the blatant secularism propagated by the media, the Hollywood view of America, for American life is not the whole story. The greatest need for prayer in North America is to pray for a genuine, Heaven-sent, Spirit-led revival among God's people and in the Christian church. We can rejoice in the advances made by Baptist and Pentecostal evangelicals who are doing the most for missions in the Americas of any group. May the same kind of fervor, balanced with truth, become the outgrowth of revival among the entire church of North America.
''If Jesus Christ is God and He died for me, no price is too great to pay for Him!''
C. T. Studd