Today's Bible Readings
     Genesis 6
     Ezra 6
     Matthew 6
     Acts 6
''But seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you." (Matthew 6:33)
            Our Lord's Sermon on the Mount set forth the principles, instructions and rules for a spiritual revolution that would change the world.  These principles for Kingdom living are indeed rules for revolution. Perhaps the most revolutionary words in the entire sermon are the words of Matthew 6:33. ''. . .Seek first the Kingdom of God...''
            I remember a Godly man who was a deacon in my home church when I was a teenager.  He was the manager of a very nice gas station in our town. Because he refused to remain open on Sunday, the corporation took the station away from his management. He moved across the street to a very small and dilapidated service station with only two gas pumps. He put up a large beautiful sign that said ''Closed on Sunday, see you in church." Under that were the words of Matthew 6:33. He subsequently built that station into the largest in the region and became a very affluent man. That was an incredible life lesson for me as a young man.
            We see things in the opposite way today. ''I must live, I must make money, I must be clothed, I must be fed."  Our great concern does not seem to be the Kingdom of God, but how we are going to take care of ourselves, to live. Jesus reversed the order by telling us that our relationship with God must be first. In this passage Jesus is emphasizing how wrong it is for us to worry about food, drink, clothing and shelter. Jesus is making it clear that worry is a sin. It is a sin because it is distrust in the truthfulness of God and detrimental to the temple of God. Those who learn this principle and make it a part of their pattern of life can be effective soldiers in the Revolutionary Army of Jesus Christ.
            This is perhaps the most difficult and yet critical discipline of the Christian life. We must allow the Holy Spirit to bring us into absolute harmony with the teaching of Jesus in these verses.
            As you pray about world missions today, pray about the participation that God wants for you personally. We are living in the time of the largest ingathering of people into the Kingdom of God that the world has ever seen. Certainly God wants you praying for missions and giving to missions. Could it be that God wants you to seek first His Kingdom as His missionary? To be used of God wherever you are you must faithfully answer the following question. ''Does God want me to leave the comfort zone of my culture and plant my life in another place to bring in the harvest for the Kingdom of God?'' When you and God settle the answer to this question you will be far more useful as a part of His Kingdom.
            ''When I get to China I shall have no claim on anyone for anything. There will be no doctor and I will have no income. My only claim will be on God. It is important that I learn now to move man through God by prayer alone."
Hudson Taylor, Missionary to China