July 14

Today's Bible Reading
     Joshua 20-21
     Acts 1
     Jeremiah 10
     Matthew 24
''Therefore you also be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour when you do not expect Him." (Matthew 24:44)
            Matthew 24 is known by Bible scholars to set forth events and signs that will take place, most of them during the Tribulation that will indicate the nearness of the Lord's return. You will not have to see the complete fulfillment of all these signs to know His coming is near since some of them will take place after the Rapture of the church. But, as you see the beginning of these signs, you will know with certainty that we are soon to hear the sounds of the Rapture. We are indeed living in the Rapture generation.
            Because the signs are so clear in Scripture, and evident in current events, we know that we are once again in the days of Noah and we are to be ready, for He will come in an hour when we least expect it. The greatest tragedy is for Jesus to return to seize away His church, and the millions left behind will face, literally, hell on earth during the Tribulation.
It is also a great tragedy that He will receive many into glory whose wedding garments are stained by the ungodly culture with which we have compromised. Will you be ready for Him to find you, not only as a Child of the King, but a clean, pure, spotless vessel characterized by faithfulness and obedience?
             The late Larry Norman, folk song writer, wrote a song used by many contemporary Christian music groups. He wrote the song as if the Lord had come and he had been left behind. There will only be two groups that day - the taken and the left behind.  Listen to Larry's words today:
Life was filled with guns and war, and everyone got trampled on the floor,
I wish we'd all been ready.
Children died, the days grew cold, a piece of bread could buy a bag of gold,
I wish we'd all been ready.
A man and wife, asleep in bed - she hears a noise and turns her head -he's gone,
I wish we'd all been ready.
Two men walking up the hill, one disappears, the other standing still,
I wish we'd all been ready.
There's no time to change your mind…the Son has come and you've been left behind,
There's no time to change your mind…how could you have been so blind?
The Father spoke, the demons dined, the Son has come,
And you've been left behind
            I wish we'd all been ready. Are you ready?
            It has been amazing how evangelicals have grown in Spain from 3,000 believers in 1900 to 20,000 in 1970, and now at the turn of the century, there are 96,000 evangelical believers in Spain. Since 1974, the transformation in the nation has been amazing, from poverty to wealth, from dictatorship to liberty, and from isolation to integration into Europe. No longer is Catholicism considered the state religion, but it is still by far the leading religion in the nation; in fact, the church is also in serious crisis. Its’loss of numbers and influence, and the widespread mistrust of it as an institution has had a demoralizing effect. As you pray today for Spain, pray for a renewed vision of the future. There have been so many problems and fragmentation, that this vision has been lost by the evangelical church. Pray that God will give a unity, training for leaders, and additional help from the outside that will encourage a new spiritual vision in this increasingly secular   country.
''The man who tries to keep a book account of the good he does never does enough good to pay for the binding of the book."
William Jennings Bryan