June 16

Today's Bible Readings
     Deuteronomy 21
     Psalms 108-109
     Isaiah 48
     Revelation 18
''O God, my heart is steadfast; I will sing and give praise, even with my glory." (Psalms 108:1)
            The Psalmist says that ''though he has many wars that have disturbed him, and many cares that have tossed him to and fro, he is settled in one mind and cannot be driven from it." Is your heart in one resolve today? Are you committed to sing and give praise to God regardless of what happens?
            The Psalmist declares he will give praise to God even with his glory. That means our praise to God is to be with   our intellect, our tongue, our musical abilities, our poetic faculties, or whatever else causes us to be renowned, and would confer honor upon us. It is my glory to be able to speak, and so with my voice I must show forth praise to Him. It is my blessing to have mental capacity, so with my instructed intellect, I shall adore Him. It is to my glory that I am a saint of God, and no more a rebel; therefore, I must bless Him because of His grace. It is my glory to be immortal, and not a mere brute which perishes; therefore, with my very life I must celebrate His majesty. This is to be the fixed and steadfast intent of the Child of God, to give Him praise.
            I see the silly phrase occasionally, ''Praise the Lord anyhow." My dear friend, we do not have to praise the Lord anyhow, we have enough to praise Him for on purpose. You are His child, the King's Kid. It is His battle, not yours. Because He is a winner, you are a winner. Claim your victory by faith and praise God today.
            Many believers today are looking for their blessing. Somehow they feel that they are worthy and deserving of being blessed. David cried out, ''Bless the Lord, O My soul." God is blessed through praise. The question is not, ''did you get blessed'', but the question is, ''did God get blessed?''
            Praise is a dividend, which God receives for blessing us. I can think of no greater thought to grace the mind of man than this, ''I can bless and praise the Lord."
            Praising Him will be the occupation of Heaven. Why not make it the occupation of your life, and especially of this particular day. ''It's amazing what praising can do." Whatever your circumstances might be today, fix your heart and become steadfast in giving Him praise.
            Pray for Martinique, an island in the Caribbean with approximately 400,000 people. This is a French island with an economy based on sugar, bananas, manufacturers of rum, and tourism. There are a growing number of evangelical churches, including Baptist, Assembly of God, and the evangelical group of France. The greatest need on Martinique is the grounding of these churches in the Word, and the calling of young people into full-time service. Many Christians on this island come from dysfunctional families, and backgrounds of immorality and drug abuse.
            ''If Satan was dangerous when Paul wrote his epistles, how much more dangerous must he be now, for he has so much more experience."
Andrew A. Bonar