June 28

Today's Bible Readings
     Deuteronomy 34
     Psalms 119:145-176
     Isaiah 60
     Matthew 8
''But He said to them, 'Why are you fearful, O you of little faith?', then He arose and rebuked the winds and the seas.”(Matthew 8:26)
            There are approximately 35 recorded miracles of Jesus in the New Testament. They illustrate that Jesus is Lord of all life. I have no difficulty, whatever, with God walking on water. They are His waves, His water, and His wind. Why not? G. Campbell Morgan said, ''every parable was a miracle of instruction, and every miracle is a parable of instruction."
            Now, I noticed an unusual factor in this story. It was Jesus that led them into this boat. This storm did not take Him by surprise, yet He slept through it. It was the disciples who panicked. Jesus had a lesson for them to learn. Jesus was an unusual teacher, giving the test first and the lesson came later. Notice several things that may help you today.
Consider the storm on the sea. We would call this a lake. It is known as the Sea of Galilee. The Disciples were on a boat, right in the middle of the storm, at least five miles from shore on either side. They were truly in the middle of a problem. The winds were fierce, and the night was dark. Now, Jesus had led them in the boat, so the storm was no indication that they were not in the will of God. You can be in the very middle of the will of God, and still be in a storm.
Consider the Savior on the sea. Jesus was there, sleeping through the storm. Then He asked them, ''Why are you afraid?'' Because He was there, there was really not a problem. Jesus is saying, “I'm in charge, I was in existence when this puddle was not even a vapor, so don't you worry about it.”The winds and the waves must obey their Master.
            Consider the saints on the sea. These Disciples were deeply afraid. It was probably because they took their eyes off the Lord Jesus. We get into trouble when we get our eyes on the circumstances instead of Christ. Fear is the opposite of faith. Fear looks at God through the circumstances while faith looks at the circumstances through God. Later on, Peter actually walked on the water. This was probably preparation for that event. It may be that God has some incredible challenge ahead for you. Today's crisis may just be a preparation for it. But the Word of our Lord Jesus is still the same.
 “Why are you fearful, O you of little faith?”You are to keep your eyes on Him.
            Those Disciples came out of this experience stronger than ever before. They probably felt like failures, but this was a time of preparation. We should be reminded today that it is better to fail and make ourselves stronger in our faith, than to succeed when it makes us conceited in our flesh. “Why are you fearful, O you of little faith?”
The Republic of Uruguay, with its 3.4 million people, is located between Brazil and Argentina in South America. The country is 60% Christian with a majority of those being Roman Catholic. One of the great problems in Uruguayis that Brazilianspiritualists, once banned, now number probably one million. Many of these are members of the Catholic Church. The New Age thinking has filled the vacuum among the agnostic middle­class. The Unification Church (Moonies) is also influencing the country through capital investment. Pray today for these deceptions to be exposed and the demonic powers behind them defeated.
''The freest man in the world is the man who is a willing servant of Christ. The most bound slave in the world is the man who thinks he is his own master, while he is the bond-servant of his own lusts."
Henry Clay Trumbull