June 3
 Today's Bible Readings:
     Deuteronomy 7
     Psalms 90
     Isaiah 35
     Revelation 5
''The parched ground shall become a pool, and the thirsty land springs of water; ..."(Isaiah 35:7a)
            Isaiah 35 is the prophecy of the future glory of Zion. The prophet foresees a time when there shall be affection, blessing, peace, and joy throughout the world, and especially in the Holy Land. Such a day is indeed coming. It is hard to imagine that now. I'm writing this approaching a Christmas season when there is anything but peace in Palestine. In the once beautiful village of Bethlehem where the Prince of Peace took on human flesh, there is now tension and conflict. ''Peace on earth, good will toward men'' seems so far away from the little town of Bethlehem and the land of Israel. At least for this Christmas, ''Silent Night, Holy Night'' will seem far away. Now it is a world tom with war, killing, terror, and tragedy. So, at least for now, the vision of Isaiah 35 seems improbable and may be impossible.
             Now the Middle East is torn with hatred, civil wars and even genocide. The Islamic State is slaughtering thousands as their armies move across the entire region planting the black flag of Islam in city after city. 
            But with every vision God has given us, this one too shall be reality. You can count on it - God never fails! It will happen just as He said. There were 109 prophecies in the Old Testament concerning the First Coming of the Prince of Peace, and it happened exactly as He said. In that same Old Testament, there are 350 prophecies concerning His Second Coming, and the glory that shall come with Him. This, too, will happen just as He said. What is the vision God has given you   today?     If it is truly from God, you can count on it.
            We always have a vision of something before it actually becomes real to us. Satan will try to steal that from you, and sometimes he succeeds. There are times we give up, and instead of the vision becoming real to us, we have entered into a valley of humiliation.
            God gives us a vision, and then He takes us down to the valley of despair to mold us into the shape of that vision.  It is in the valley that so many of us give up and faint. Every God-given vision will become real if we will only have patience. Just think of the enormous amount of free time God has. He is never in a hurry, yet we are always in such a frantic hurry. For the vision to be real to us, sometimes God has to take us into the valley and put us through fires and floods to batter us into shape until we get to the point where He can trust us with the reality of the vision. We must not try to escape from the Sculptor's hand that allows Him to prepare us for the fulfillment of the vision.
            The vision that God gives you is not some unattainable castle in the sky, but a vision of what God wants you to be down here. Allow the Potter to put you on His wheel and whirl you around as He desires. As surely as God is God, and you are you, you will turn out as an exact likeness of the vision. Don't lose heart in the process. If you have ever had a vision from God, you may try as you will to be satisfied on a lower level, but God will never allow it.
            A large number of the people of Kuwaithave become Christians through their contact with people abroad.  Many Kuwaitistravel to other lands as tourists, businessmen, and students and a number have come to know Christ. Fear of reprisal often prevents them from returning home. Pray for wisdom and boldness for the converts and a burden to reach their own people. Reaching this Moslem country for Christ requires a miracle move of God. Our God is capable of miracles. 
''The greatest miracle of that day (Pentecost) was the transformation wrought in those waiting disciples. Their fire-baptism transformed them."
Samuel Chadwick