June 4

Today's Bible Readings:
     Deuteronomy 8
     Psalms 91
     Isaiah 36
     Revelation 6
''For He shall give His angels charge over you, to keep you in all your way. They shall bear you up in their hands, lest you dash your foot against a stone." (Psalms 91:11-12)
            One of my favorite pursuits, as time has permitted, is to read the biographies of great Christians. I am especially interested in stories of great missionaries. One of my favorites is the way God used missionary John Paytonin the New Hebrides Islands.
On one occasion, the missionary couple was about to retire for the evening and, when they looked out their window, they saw that their place was surrounded by a savage tribe of cannibals. It was obvious from the war paint that they had come to kill the missionary and his wife. They prayed for God's protection and went to bed. The next morning, the tribe was gone with no harm done them. A few months later, John Paytonhad the privilege of leading the chief of this tribe to Christ. In the conversation, he asked the chief why they had not been killed that night. The eyes of the former cannibal grew large and he asked, ''Missionary, you must tell me. Who was that army of men in white with drawn swords that surrounded your home that evening?'' John Paytonknew that God had sent His angels to protect them. If this story sounds strange to you, you don't understand what the Bible says about angelic protection." That is why when Elisha's servant looked out and saw  the approaching Assyrianarmy there in Dothan, he was struck with fear. When Elishalooked out, he could see, with eyes of faith, the hosts of God camped round about. 
The word is Angelosand means ''messenger of God.'' Not only did God create these angels to serve Him and the coming King as messengers and praise givers, but He created them to serve man. 
They protect and deliver God's people
In Daniel 6:22, the prophet said, “My God sent His angel and shut the lions mouths so that they would not hurt me...”
             They guide and encourage God's servants.
            It was angels who spoke to the women at the tomb and said, ''He is not here, for He has risen." It was an angel in Acts 27 that promised Paul he would be brought before Caesar. 
             They interpret God's will to men. It was an angel that interpreted a dream and it's meaning for Daniel. (Daniel 7:16)
            They execute judgment upon the wicked. It was angels who brought judgment at Sodom in Genesis 19, and smote the evil King Herodin Acts 12.
            It is angels that carry the saved home to Jesus. We see in Luke 16:22 that the angels carried the beggar to Abraham's bosom. The angels performed this same function when Paul lost his head, Peter was crucified upside down, other apostles were burned with oil, Stephen was stoned to death, and Polycarpwas burned at the stake. They will do it again when the saints in the Tribulation lose their heads. You can testify, along with me, that there have been times when  we  should  have experienced great harm, and maybe even death, but were miraculously and providentially delivered. Could it have been an angel? I think so.
           The truth is, you are absolutely invulnerable when you are in the will of God until He is finished with you. He has provided angelic protection to make sure of that. So we can be obedient, faithful, and effective with absolute confidence. Obey Him today and trust His protection. Who knows; you may be touched by an angel.
Please remember to pray today for the LaoPeople's Democratic Republic. We know this country better by the name of Laos. It is home to approximately 6 million people. Laosis 62% Buddhist and evangelicals number less than 2%. In answer to prayer, the church in Laosis growing, but it is going through great suffering and immense persecution. Perhaps the greatest need for us to focus our prayers on today is that God would raise up trained leaders for these churches. Over 90% of all trained leaders left Laosin 1975.
''Revival and evangelism, although closely linked, are not to be confounded. Revival is an experience in the Church; evangelism is an expression of the Church."
Paul S.Rees