Today's Bible Readings
     Exodus 31
     Proverbs 7
     John 10
     Galatians 6
''And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart." (Galatians 6:9)
            The principle of sowing and reaping is common in Scripture and is set forth again in Galatians 6:7-8.  It is the law of nature that God has established that reaping is based upon what is being sown; therefore, it is essential that we consider carefully the kind of seed we are sowing day by day. Many believers find themselves discouraged because they are not seeing the kind of harvest they have expected. I constantly encounter sincere believers who have lost heart and are no longer faithfully serving the Lord because they are not seeing the expected results. Are you discouraged today? Have you grown weary in the Christian life and lost heart? It may be because there are some things you don't understand.
            Perhaps you don't understand the seed. The seed that we are to plant is the Word of God.  It is not our opinions, ideas, theology, philosophy or religion. The power of life is in the seed. On one occasion, Charles Spurgeon thought he was speaking to an empty auditorium as he tested the acoustics by saying, ''behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world." He didn't know he was in the hearing of a carpenter eating his lunch behind a railing in the balcony. That carpenter was converted that day because he heard the Word of God.  The seed was planted and produced life within him.
            Perhaps you don't understand the soil. The soil is different everywhere. Not every place produces the same kind of results. You may be discouraged today because you are working in a difficult place with hard and stony ground. Stay faithful as you plant the seed in the stony ground where you are. Perhaps soon God will give you a place where the soil is fertile and the fruit will come.
            It is possible you don't understand the seasons. There are seasons for sowing, watering and for reaping. Be faithful in the time of sowing and you will rejoice in the time of reaping. ''He who continually goes forth weeping, bearing seed for sowing, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him. '' (Psalms 126:6) It is possible that you fail to understand success. The statistics, status, applause, and recognition by which the world evaluates success are not how God judges it.
            I was recently staying at a hotel on George Street in Sydney Australia and remembered a story.  Pastor Francis Dixon of London heard a man in his church give a testimony. He told of a little man on the streets of Sydney, Australia who simply said to him, ''Sir, do you know Jesus? If you know Jesus, you will go to heaven; if not, you will go to Hell." That man couldn't escape the words of the little man on the street and soon gave his heart to Jesus. Someone else in that same service had the same testimony. Pastor Dixon heard the testimony at Fort Benning, Georgia, and at a Keswick Convention in Scotland. He couldn't resist going to Sydney to look up this little man. He was nowhere to be found on George Street, and when asking about him, Pastor Dixon discovered that he was sick at home. His name was Mr. Jenner. They found him near death. When they shared with him about the testimonies they had heard, Mr. Jenner responded with tears. He said, ''for thirty years I did that every day on George Street and I never knew of anyone who came to know the Lord Jesus Christ because of what I said. Thank you for coming to tell me."
            My friend, you may not know of your success here, but if you will be faithful to sow the seed, God will give success and you will learn of it someday in Heaven. You may be assured that God the Righteous Judge will acknowledge that success at the Berna seat. Do not lose heart - in due season you will reap.
            You recognize the name of the Falkland Islands immediately. These are 200 islands in three groups. They are 97% British. The capital is Port Stanley, and this was a forgotten sheep-ranching colony until the 1982 war.  Then, suddenly, hostilities broke out between Argentina and England over various plights in this place.
            The traumatic Argentinian invasion and Argentina's subsequent defeat by British forces in 1982 decisively affected the economic, political, and spiritual life of the once complacent Falkland Islands. Islanders are ''Kelpies''. Pray for a wise and fair settlement of this long-standing silent issue that hampers the diplomatic and economic life of the whole region. The greatest need is for us to pray for believers in the forces as they witness to their comrades, and for the ministries to military garrisons to bear fruit.
''Weakness in God's sight is measured in terms of quality, not quantity." Bob Jones, Jr.