May 1
Today's Bible Readings
     Numbers  8
     Psalms 44
     Song of Solomon 6
     Hebrews 6
''I am my beloved's, and my beloved is mine. He feeds his flock among the lilies." (Song of Solomon 6:3)
            Perhaps the most beautiful love story in all of literature is the beautiful story of the Song of Solomon. There are many different interpretations as to its meaning, but all agree that it is, indeed, a great story of intimate, personal, and even sexual love. The special meaning of this love story, however is rich in truth for the believer. It is the story of the love relationship between the Beloved, who is a type of the Lord Jesus, and the Shulamite maiden which is a type of the church. The beloved in the Song of Solomon is King Solomon himself.
            Solomon, receiving the fruits of David's victory, came to the throne as a King of peace, clearly pointing forward to the Lord Jesus, seated in the power and authority of his throne in Heaven. The Song of Songs sets him forth, then, in the capacity and authority represented by King Solomon. The royal fellowship into which we are directed and which is typified by the Shulamite maiden (6:13) is in this exalted realm where our Lord, in His throne and His Kingdom of peace, is so well prefigured by this mighty monarch. This beautiful  story  illustrates  our  love relationship  with  Jesus.  
            There are  some  believers  who  love the  Lord simply because of the great victory He won on the Cross over evil powers. There are others, however, who have a fine appreciation of Him, not only for the struggle and victory of the Cross, but for all that He now is in His enthroned life in Heaven above. The Cross represents the Lord's battle to establish His Kingly authority, whereas His heavenly life shows Him forth as triumphant and reigning. The Queen of Sheba at first only heard of Solomon's great acts. Later, she saw Solomon himself upon his throne and, thereafter,  all of her attraction was to the King himself.
            In the same way, believers are not to love the Lord Jesus merely as Jonathan did David for conquering  enemies,  but rather as the Shulamite did Solomon for his own worth. This book seeks to lead us, therefore, to know Him as the reigning King and to be by His side as the object of His supreme affection.
            The story set forth in the Song of Solomon speaks of spiritual communion. It is a book for the heart. It is not necessary therefore, to inquire into how many parts it may be divided. The history it records runs like a thread and moves on continuously. It is not a record of non-essential sentences and odds and ends of stories from here and there. It's point of emphasis focuses upon the progressive phases in a believer's advance toward the Lord. It includes the experience of a whole lifetime and moves upward over many rungs or steps.
            The Song of Solomon is not addressed to sinners in need of salvation. The emphasis is on believers who need a deeper communion with their beloved Lord. Consequently, there are no instructions given as to how one may be saved, but it tells of the longings of a believer for deeper experiences of the Lord. It does not speak of faith, but of love. Love floats like a banner over the whole song; thus, the banner of love may well be our ensign.
            What a powerful lesson of truth is found in our memory verse text. Previously, the Shulamite had said, ''My beloved is mine, and I am his'' (2:16), but now she says, ''I am my beloved's, and my beloved is mine." The former expression was founded largely on emotional feelings, but the latter rests solidly on faith alone. This spontaneous expression from the heart has clearly moved the focus of life from self to the glorious person of the Lord Jesus Himself.
            He is still feeding His people, His Bride, among the lilies. As the Shulamite learned, we can also learn that whether it is in times of prosperity or adversity, we can trust the Beloved to take care of His Bride. If you find yourself at His feet, depending entirely upon Him, you will discover that He loves you and will never fail to meet your needs.
The country of Niger in Africa now has approximately 12 million people, and is 98% Muslim. It is open to and needs missionaries for all parts of the country. The loving ministry of Christian missionaries has won credibility for the Gospel, and increased interest and response from most groups. Pray for more laborers. Ask God today if He wants you to go to this African nation, or perhaps to provide for someone else to go.
''There can be no revival when Mr. Amen and Mr. Wet-Eyes are not found in the audience." Billy Sunday