May 21

Today's Bible Readings
     Numbers 30
     Psalms 74
     Isaiah 22
     II Peter 3
“Knowing this first: that scoffers will come in the last days, walking according to their own lusts,” (II Peter 3:3)
                 In this classic Scripture, Peter is commenting on the Second Coming of Christ, and the Day of the Lord. He informs us that one of the signs that the last days have come is that scoffers will make light of the truth of Bible prophecy. An exposition of these verses makes it clear of the willful ignorance of the scoffers.
                 They are ignorant of God's might.  (II Peter 3:5)  Modern day scoffers willfully reject scientific facts, that planet earth and the life within it is the handiwork of a sovereign God. They come up with preposterous theories like the Big Bang idea. To say that this incredible universe with its symmetry, harmony, and organization is the product of a big bang is more ridiculous than to believe that a precision time piece was the product of an explosion in a watch factory. Then they add  insult to injury, to say that man who is made in the image of God, came from some primeval ooze by way of an ape in the evolutionary  spiral.If you want to find a gusher of ignorance, you need only to drill into the brain of an evolutionist.
                They are ignorant of God's measure (II Peter 3:8). Peter is very clear that this verse is extremely important. He exhorts us that we must not forget this one thing - God has always dealt with His people in periods of seven. Here he is referring to a period of seven thousand years.
  Every Bible scholar knows that, from Adam to Abraham was 2,000 years; from Abraham to Jesus was 2,000   years; and from Jesus to this era was 2,000 years. The seventh one thousand year period is the millennial reign of Christ which follows the Rapture and the Tribulation. It is clear that we are near the end of the sixth day. The lost world is unable to understand this. The believer, however, is able to discern the signs of the times, and know that we are near the coming of Jesus Christ.           It could be today!
                   They are ignorant of God's mercy (II Peter 3:9). It is a great comfort to know that our Lord is not slack concerning His promise, and He is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. The Scripture makes it clear that a vital difference between Heaven and Hell; the taken and the left behind; the Bema Seat and the Great White Throne, is true repentance. It is indeed tragic that many have entered into the institutional church without ever hearing about repentance. Jesus made it clear that except a man repent, he would perish.
Therefore, we must know what repentance is. It is not merely sorrow, penance, or reformation. Repentance is when a person is moving in one direction, and God places His finger upon sin in that life, and there is a change of mind, heart, and will about that sin. It means a complete about-face. Repentance  is a change of mind, of heart, and of will. You can go to Heaven without religion, without ritual, but you cannot go to Heaven without repentance.
It is simply God's will that no man ever perish, but that all men come to repentance (II Peter 3:9) Repentance is anything that God puts His finger on as sin in your life. You must tum from it. That leads to becoming a new kind of species in Christ. Too many believe that you can by pass repentance to get to grace. NO REPENTANCE - NO SALVATION!
  There are probably few places on earth where we could say that spiritual warfare and conflict were more evident than in the country of Indonesia. Islam is growing rapidly here, and there has been an orchestrated Islamic ''Jihad'' against Christians with hundreds of churches destroyed by mobs. Christian majority areas such as Timor (East Timor) and Amson have been subjected to outright military attacks and killings. As you focus on Indonesia today, pray for greater unity within the church, the need for spiritual leaders of maturity, a vision for the evangelization of Indonesia, and the development of a missionary vision. There are many multi-generation Christians in Indonesia, and with what God has done in that country, many of them should be surrendering to go to the mission field themselves. The need is great, and our space here too brief, to mention all the needs, but pray for these needs as you pray today for Indonesia.
''Gratitude: the hardest of all emotions to express. There is no word capable of conveying all that one feels. Until we reach    a world where thoughts can be adequately expressed in words, thank you will have to do."
A. P.  Gouthey