May 6

Today's Bible Readings
     Numbers 14
     Psalms 50
     Isaiah 3 & 4
     Hebrews 11
''Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." ''But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him." (Hebrews 11:1, 6)
  What does the Scripture mean when it says, ''The just shall live by faith'', and ''without faith it is impossible to please God”. I've heard some believers say some strange things related to faith. I've heard of men quitting their jobs to ''live by faith'' while some church members were taking food to their family so they would not go hungry. Parents  lose their  young  adult  son, and so-called Christian  friends tell them that  if they  had  faith, they  would rejoice rather than weep, and  ''be thankful in everything."
  A couple is embarrassed  when a check they wrote to the church bounces They explain  that they had  written it by faith, believing  God would  miraculously  add that  amount to their  account. A preacher refuses medical help for a treatable disease. He claims that he has believed God for healing but, while friends gather around his bed, he dies. A friend tells a young widow, “If you had had enough faith, your husband would not have died”. These are some of the encounters I have had with what some people call faith. It is enough to give faith a bad name. There are many in the health and wealth movement who tell us that if we had faith, we would always be healthy and wealthy. One faith healer sent me a form letter indicating that if I would send him $100, I would receive back $1,000 from an unexpected source. I wrote him back and suggested he just go ahead and send me the $900 and we could all save some postage. All that believes is not faith, and much of what is being called faith today is not faith at all. It is very easy to confuse counterfeit faith with the real thing. I'm surprised someone has not sued God for breach of promise, considering our present addiction to litigation. I've been told by people who are trained to spot counterfeit money that there is a very simple technique. They tell me, “We get to know the real thing so well that it is easy to spot the phony”. In Romans 1:17, Paul speaks of moving from faith to faith. If you are a Child of God, you were saved by faith. That saving faith, however, needs to move on to growing and serving faith. The key that enters the house of salvation is also the master key that unlocks every door of the house.
  The power of real faith lies in its object; faith is only as valid as its object.  The crucial thing is not faith, but the object of faith. You can believe with all your heart, soul and mind until you tum blue - but if you faith is aimed at the wrong object; you are wasting your time. Our faith must be in God, not in faith, or self, or in works, or even in our vision. It is in God and the validity of His Word. Don't look at your faith. Look at Jesus. Instead of measuring your faith, measure your God. Is God able? Is He big enough? Of course, He is. Then commit the situation to Him and trust Him to handle it. That's what faith is - resting on God's faithfulness. The bottom line is this: if I believe the will of God is always best, then I will be satisfied to let the Bible speak for itself and trust God with the outcome.
  The population of Pakistan, or the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, is now approaching 200 million. The capital itself is Islamabad, and has more than one million souls.  There is no question that this is an Islamic society. A growing network of Islamic schools is poisoning the next generation with a hatred for India, the West, and Christians; and is extolling a willingness to die fighting for Islam. We need to pray for boldness among believers and revival among the Christian community that will give them the courage to share Christ with their Hindu neighbors during these days of crisis for this nation.
''Prayer is the acid test of devotion."
Samuel Chadwick