We have been enlisting missions volunteers for International mission work for over twenty years. Most committed believers are involved in giving to international missions through their church or directly to mission causes. Most have never had the opportunity to be personally involved in mission work outside the United States.

Volunteers who make the commitment and the investment to participate in an International mission project will testify that their understanding of missions and passion for sharing the Gospel were transformed as a result of their participation. Every mission trip is planned around our volunteers and staff with the objective of incorporating the physical and Spiritual gifts and abilities of our team. 

Our projects are all focused on Evangelism and Missions and include a variety of opportunities for the volunteer to work and minister.  Each mission opportunity is different and the need for specific talents and skills will vary with each event. The list below is not a comprehensive list but it illustrates some of the opportunities of service that are possible. 

  • Medical & Dental clinics
  • School Assemblies
  • Preaching & Teaching
  • Music & Drama
  • Crusade Services
  • Door to door/Street Evangelism 
  • Marriage & Family Conferences
  • Children’s Ministry
  • Women’s Ministry
  • Men’s Ministry
  • Prison Ministry
  • Construction & Technical services

Every mission trip we take has seasoned veterans and first-time mission volunteers from a variety of backgrounds. We have had volunteers from age 14 to age 94, with skills  ranging from expert to beginner. We are looking for volunteers who have a desire to serve and minister. 

If you have an interest in joining us for one of our  mission opportunities, please complete the attached form. Please indicate the name of the Country where you feel God is leading in the message section of the form.
We will contact you and provide you with the specifics for the mission opportunity of your choice. RHEMA will make all the arrangements. Your cost will include air travel & ground transportation, lodging, meals and translators if needed. Each mission opportunity is different and the need for specific talents and skills will vary with each event.