November 13

Today's Bible Reading
      I Chronicles 1-2
      Hebrews 8
      Amos 2
      Psalms 145
“'Now this is the main point of the things we are saving: We have such a High Priest, who is seated at the right hand of the throne of the Majesty in the heavens," (Hebrews 8:I 0
It is wonderful to know that our God has presented Himself to us in threePersons. The Person of the HolySpiritlives insideof us.  We have becomeHisTemple.  The Person of the Fatheris on the Throneof Majesty.  The Person of the Son, however, is at the righthandof that Majesty, intercedingfor us and fulfilling the covenant He has made with us.
            When a person approaches even a human throne, he kneels before it, and awaits permission to stand.  The Lord Jesus has approached the highest, loftiest throne in the whole universe and, instead of kneeling before it, has seated Himself there at God's right hand as an equal. To think that there is One in glory who is able to do a thing like that! And to think that He has a heart that beats for His own! Who would want some other priest, no matter of what order, upheld by no matter what system, when you can have a great High Priest like that.
            The Tabernacle Moses built was a mere model of the Heavenly Tabernacle. The Old Testament Priest ministered in the model, but Christ ministers in the true Tabernacle in Heaven. The High Priest in the Old Testament could only approach God after having made the appropriate sacrifices. These were constantly repeated as the years came and went. Christ, too, has approached God with the appropriate sacrifices - the sacrifice to end all sacrifices, the sacrifice of Himself.
The Old Testament Priest used only two goats for the sins of all the people, but had to use a bullock for his own sins. That was because his sin was considered more serious. His sin loomed larger in God 's sight than all of ours. But we have a High Priest who is without sin, and still offered Himself as the sacrifice. He is the Lamb of God, the sacrifice itself.
            The story is told of a young lawyer who saw a runaway carriage with a baby in the seat. He rushed into the path of the stampeding horse,and stopped him, causing injury to his own body. Later, that baby became a criminal and committed an act of murder. The young lawyer had become a j udge. When the jury found him guilty, the young man stood before the judge's desk. The judge sentenced him to die by hanging. The young man said, ''I don't understand, that one time you saved my life, and now you have sentenced me to die." The judge said, ''Sir, but you don 't understand . Then I was your savior, and now I am your judge."
            Because Jesus suffered and bled for us, He has become our great High Priest,and stands ready to save to the uttermost those who come to Him, but someday this High Priest will become our Judge. It is far better now to enjoy the benefits of His Priesthood than to anticipate the wrath of His judgment.
            The largest coral island, Niue, has also one of the smallest and even decreasing populations of any of our prayer requests. There are currently less than 1700 people on this beautiful coral island.  It is one of the Cook Islands and has complete freedom of religion. They believe that 95% of the residents here are Christian.  Most of them are nominally Christian and need to have a real experience with Christ.
            ''God will not look you over for medals, degrees or diplomas,but for scars."