November 25

Today's Bible Reading
     I Chronicles 21
     I Peter 2
     Jonah 3
     Luke 9
''But you are a chosen generation , a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people, that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light;'' (I Peter 2:9)
            We have j ust had one of our very young grandchildren visit us.  Have you ever observed the attitude and actions of a small baby? Usually, they are spoi led, demanding their rights, and completely selfish.  If their needs are not met, they will scream until they are.  Peter begins this chapter by describing those who are newborn babes and who are ready only for the pure milk of the Word. Sadly enough, many Christians do not receive this nourishment and they will sometimes be many, many years into their Christian faith, and still have the attitudes and actions of a baby They should be teachers themselves, but are not ready even to have the meat of the Word.
            Peter is setting forth here the immense privilege it is to be a Child of God, to be born in the royal family of Heaven, and to have God as our loving Heavenly Father. What an incredible thought that we are ''King's Kids." If you are new in your faith, please take note that you must not maintain a baby's attitude, but there are some characteristics of a baby that a Christian needs. As a newborn babe, you should desire the milk of the Word, and spend much time in God's Word. If you are really saved, you will have an appetite for the Word of God. A person with no appetite for the things of God is most likely lost, but there is some possibility that they are severely backslidden. In most cases, if a man has enough of Jesus to get him to Heaven, he has enough to get him to church and to the Word of God.
            Along with the appetite for spiritual food, exercise is also necessary. Some people grow up and some grow out. No one ever grew properly by ju st eating. Exercise is essential. Now, give special attention to I Peter 2:9 and you will see the Christian's picture.  It is a very special person.  This is the goal in your Christian life.
Notice he mentions:
The Christian's dignity.  We are called a ''chosen generation."  That means we are a select race of people.
The Christian's devotion. We are a ''royal priesthood." Jesus is the High Priest and is available anytime, but we are kings and priests under God. A special function of the priest is to go into the presence of God, and every believer has that access.
The Christian's distinctiveness. We are also called a ''holy nation." God, of course, wants His people to be holy, set apart for Him.
The Christian's dedication. He speaks of us being a ''peculiar people" This means unique, a private ownership, a proprietorship. It means ''a people who belong to the Lord."
The Christian's declaration. We are to show forth the praises of Him who saved us. This means to advertise the praises of Jesus. One reason the Lord has left His church in the world is that the church should advertise His greatness, His glory, and His grace. We are to do this by life and by lip.
The Christian's deliverance We are told that He has ''called us out of darkness into His marvelous light. The Christian is a special person, not because he deserves it, but because God's grace has made it so.
            Approximately 25,000 people live in the British overseas territory of Gibraltar. It is reported that 88o/o of the population here is Christian with the majority of the Christian population Catholic. Other groups, which represent only a small minority, include Anglican , Presbyterian , and Method ist.  God's people throughout the world need to pray for spiritual awakening, and for God to inspire this small group of evangelicals with a new zeal for sharing their faith 
            The scarcity of churches in nearby North Africa make Gibraltar Christians strategically placed for the Gospel.
There is also a great opportunity to share Christ with the 6 million tourists who visit annually and more than 7,000 Moroccan workers. There is also a strong Jewish community, and a number of Hindus.
''You may need to fight with all your might, but keep sweet. You ought to love everybody, but you don't have to trust everybody. God didn't tell you to do that."
            Dr. Bob Jones, Sr.