November 29

Today's Bible Reading
     I Chronicles 26-27
     II Peter l
     Micah 4
     Luke 13
''Nowit shall come to pass in the latter days that the mountain of the Lord's house shall be established on the top of the mountains, and shall be exaltedabove the hills; and peoples shall flow toit'' (Micah 4:1) ''But you, Bethlehem Ephrathah, though youare little among the thousands of Judah,yet out of you shall come forth Me the One to be ruler in Israel, whosegoings forth have been from of old, from everlasting.''  (Micah 5:2)
Don 't you love using your imagination, many times even playing a childish game.All of us remember the joys of childhood when we played silly,imagination games.  Let's play a game today.  We'll callit ''What If."
A number of years ago, a group of historians authored a book called “If, or History Rewritten”. Some of the if s these scholars considered were these:
  • What if Robert E. Lee had not lost the Battle of Gettysburg? 
  • What if Booth had missed when he shot at Abraham Lincoln? 
  • What if Napoleon had escaped to America?
  • What if the Dutch kept New Amsterdam?
  • We could add some others:
  • What if the South had won the Civil War?
  • What if the Revolutionary War had had a different ending?
  • What if a different U.S. President had been elected in ____ (You fill in the year)
All of these events would have totally changed our lives.
            The attempt to reconstruct the past on the basis of these were only a historian 's game, but apply it for a moment to a central eventin history - the birth of Jesus Christ. It was foretold with pinpoint accuracy hundreds of years before by the Prophet Micah. There are 109 prophecies in the Old Testament concerning the First Coming of Jesus. All of them have been meticulously fulfilled to the minutest detail. Now, Micah even tells us where Jesus will be born. Thegreatest if; therefore- there most startling question for the imagination - is ''Whatif Jesus had not been born as predicted?''
Such an if staggers the mind. It is like imagining the earth without a sunrise, or the heavens without stars, yet this if must be taken seriously because our world is oblivious to the true meaning of Christ's coming.
            Be aware, also, that the same Old Testament that gives us 109 prophecies concerning our Lord 's First Coming gives us 350 prophecies concerning His Second Advent. Jesus is coming again.
            Can you imagine what the world would be like without Christ?  What would history have been without Him? On a personal level, what would your life be without Him? Thank God, there are no if’s in God's plan.
                        If Christ had never left His throne To enter time and space,
                        We would have no hope beyond the grave, Nor knowledge of His grace.
One of the countries that has been touched by God in a phenomenal way is the Republic of Indonesia. There is incredible potential in this country which is 80% Muslim and only 16% Christian. Since revival came to this country a few years ago, the enemy has counter-attacked in a powerft1l way. While praising God for Christian growth in Indonesia, let's pray today for the church to have the ability to overcome several weaknesses. Much of the revival has been a lot of surface.            
            As someone has said, ''it is a mile wideand an inch deep." That has left the church with too few teachers and disciplers.
Nominalism has also been a problem. Many of the people who claim to be Christian in Indonesia have not had a life­ changing relationship with Christ. 
''Aman can never be a true gentleman in manner until he is a true gentleman at heart."