November 6

Today's Bible Reading
      II Kings 19
      Hebrews 1
      Hosea 12
      Psalms 135-136
''God . . . has in these last days spoken to us by His Son, whom He has appointed heir of all things, through whom also He made the worlds; who being the brightness of His glory and the express image of His person, and upholding all things by the word of His power, when He had by Himself purged our sins, sat down at the right hand of the Majesty on high," (Hebrews 1:2-3)
            Dan Crawford was a pioneer missionary to Africa. He was sitting one day in the doorway of his tent, writing a letter. A little African boy stood for a long while, staring in amazement at what this white man was doing.  Finally, he could stand it no longer, and said, ''what are you doing, white man?'' The missionary explained that he was writing a letter.  He said he was committing his thoughts to paper.
            The boy thought about that for a moment, and then said, ''I know what you are doing. You are putting thoughts in prison." The missionary said quickly, ''No, you are wrong. I am not putting thoughts in prison. I am setting thoughts free."
            That is exactly what God did when Jesus came. Throughout the Old Testament era, God communicated to men using spokesmen like Jonah, Jeremiah, David, Daniel, and Moses, but there was so much more to be said. The question remained, ''How could God fully express His heart, His mind, and His will?'' The answer was profound. He would send His Son. So we read that, ''God, who at various times, had in diverse manners, spoke in time past to the fathers by the prophets, has, in these last days, spoken to us by His Son.
            In the person of the Lord Jesus, God the Father found a perfect vehicle of expression. He simply translated deity into humanity or, as John puts it, ''The Word was made flesh." (John 1:14) It is true that the only God we will ever knowis the Father; the only God we will ever feelis the Spirit, and the only God we will ever seeis theSon.
We are told here in the Book of Hebrews that Jesus is ''the brightness of God 's glory and express image of His person ," and that He upholds ''all things by the word of His power." Underline the words in your Bible today - His Glory, His Person, and His Power.
            In these verses is the incredible statement that Christ is the express image of God's person. The phrase, ''expressimage''refers to something engraved or impressed as, for instance, a coin or seal that bears, line for line, all the features of the instruments making it. The idea is that of a dye impress. The lines of deity have been reproduced in Jesus' humanity. So, to find out what God is like, we need only to look at Jesus.               But there is more. Not only is Jesus the express image of God's Person, He gives expression to all that is in God's heart. He is not only the Creator, but He is also the Redeemer. Verse 3 tells us that He has purged our sins. In a single sentence, we are taken from creation to Calvary. Mark the contrast - His Glory, His Person, His Power, and then our sins. Who can measure the number or the nastiness of our sins? God has declared that all our righteousness is, in His sight, as a filthy rag. So what must He think of our sins? The Lord Jesus has made purification for sins by dying on the Cross. He then arose and ascended to sit at the right hand of His Father.  He intercedes for us continually.
As you pray for medical mission work, remember those who serve in the areas where the epidemic of AIDS and EBOLA is so severe. This has become a terrible threat to whole nations - especially in Central, Western and Southern Africa, India, and Southeast Asia. AIDS is likely to become the new frontier in medical missions and in the ministry of local churches in the future. A range of new skills and spiritual gifts will be needed to cope with the stress and demands of ministry to the sick and bereaved. In Africa, by far the worst stricken continent, organizations such as Scripture Union, the Salvation Army, Samaritans Purse, SBC Disater Relief and Christian Action Against AIDS are ministering through AIDS and EBOLA prevention, education, and care for  victims. Pray for these workers today.
''Lost yesterday, somewhere between sunrise and sunset, two golden hours set with sixty diamond minutes. NO reward is offered, for they are gone forever."  Horace Mann