October 14

Today's Bible Reading
     I Kings 17
     Colossian 4
     Ezekiel 47
     Psalms l 03
            “The Lord satisfies your mouth with good things, so that your youth is renewed like the eagles.” (Psalms 103:5)
            We know that the eagle is the king of birds.  Without question, this majestic creature is the most noble, loyal, and kingly of all the birds of the air. The eagle is the symbol for many commercial products and for the United States of America. Most importantly, the eagle is the symbol for the Child of God in Scripture. The eagle is referred to 32 times in the Bible, either as a symbol of what we are to be for the Lord, or what the Lord is to us.
            The eagle performs magnificent feats such as soaring by the thermal current of the wind, as high as two miles into the sky. From that vantage point, he can see his prey with perfect vision. Then he can move toward that prey at speeds up to 180 miles per hour without losing perfect focus. Sometimes the eagle's wingspan is nine feet across, and one wing can have as many as 1,500 feathers. The eagle is truly a magnificent bird. What makes it so?
            The eagle builds his nest on the rock as near the sun as possible. He feeds off living things as much as possible. The eagle does not fly on his own energy, but on the thermal current of the wind (Holy Spirit). The eagle does not fly in flocks as other birds, but he has learned how to fly alone. The eagle does not fellowship with such as turkeys and buzzards, but the eagle fellowships only with eagles. The eagle is committed to his mate for life.  He will never have another mate unless the love of his youth dies.
            So the eagle is an awesome creature, but there comes a time in the eagle's life when he does not appear to be so awesome. The naturalists call it the “molting process.” We no longer find the eagle on a rock near the sun, but down in the woods in the valley. His head is drooped over. He thinks he is going to die. His feathers are falling out, and his talons have calcified. He is not feeling good, and he believes he is going to die. He is like you and me when we are in the valley, faced with illness or some other kind of adversity. We face the possibility of being depressed and even of bitterness. Do you ever find yourself in the valley like the eagle?
            Consider our memory verse that says that your youth is renewed like the eagles. What does that mean? While the eagle is down there, the other eagles come and fly low, and drop food down to him, and usually better food than they are eating themselves. This encourages the eagle that his friends would provide for his need and call out words of hope to him. He lifts his head and begins to make his way back to the rock near the sun.  This whole process for the eagle takes about 40 days, which is the number of testing and trials in the Scripture.  In the process, he pulls out some feathers that have not fallen out, and lays spread-eagle on the rock so the sun can pull out the impurities. He then washes in the waters of a cold mountain stream which represents the Holy Spirit. He then begins to sharpen his talons and his beak on the rock and, after 40 days, he is renewed.  He stands on the rock and calls out praises to his maker, and then soars to the highest heavens on the thermal current of the wind.
            Have you considered that our God is a re-God, revived, refresh, renew, rebuild, reclaim, and the list goes on and on. Today, if you are in the valley, He wants to renew you like the eagle.  Then, it is His desire that you soar to the highest altitudes for His glory!
            One of the greatest mission fields that Christians face is to reach out to sects or cults that permeate almost every culture throughout the world.  A worldwide growth and spread of missionary cults of western and eastern origin has been a striking phenomenon in the 20thCentury and is continuing into the 21stCentury. This is accompanied by global pluralization of religions. Pray for those whose lives are committed to reaching the cults. Over the next several days, we will be more specific as to the needs among specific cults.