October 27

Today's Bible Reading
         II Kings 8
         I Timothy 5
         Daniel 12
         Psalms 119:49-72
“Let the elders who rule well be counted worthy of double honor, especially those who labor in the word and doctrine.” (I Timothy 5:17)
            When is the last time you encouraged your pastor or did something special for him? The man of God who labors in the Word and in the doctrine on your behalf is worthy of double honor. That is what Paul tells the young preacher, Timothy. That is the message for you and me from our memory text.
            The man of God who pastors the local church has a very special place in the Kingdom, and in the current Christian community.  Several words are used in the New Testament to describe this man of God.
Parma- shepherd
Presbuterosand Episcopos- ruler, elder, bishop, overseer
            We can see from the New Testament language that this presiding elder or bishop of the church is a very important person. He is called “an angel” and “a star” in the book of Revelation. I have discovered that churches who accomplish great things for God are churches that have great respect, and give “followship”, to the man of God who has been placed as their Undershepherd. Someday, this pastor will receive a wonderful crownof glorythat is mentioned in I Peter 5:2-4. This is a special reward for faithful, obedient, God-called pastors. They will receive this reward when the “Chief Shepherd appears.”  It is eternal, and it does not fade away. Every believer may share the pastor's crown of glory. ''He who receives a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophet’s reward." You should support your faithful, God-called pastor by praying for him and encouraging him in the work of the Lord. Undergird his ministry with your tithes and offerings, giving freely of your time to the Lord's service.  
            The month of October in many denominations is Pastor Appreciation Month. This is a good time for you to look for ways you can bless your pastor. God will reward you for supporting His chosen servant by allowing you to share in your pastor's reward. The pastor will earn his crown of glory by:
    1.Feedingthe church. He is to proclaim the Word of God without fear of favor and, when necessary, to ''convince, rebuke, exhort, with all longsuffering and teaching." (II Timothy 4 :1-5)
    2.Taking the spiritualoversightof the church. A pastor is responsible to God for the message preached to his people.  No pastor should preach to please the people.  He is to please His Lord.  (Galatians 1:10)
    3.Be an exampleto the church. He is not to serve for the reward of money; however, the church is responsible to care for his material needs. He is to be a spiritual leader and not a dictator. He is to walk with God by faith and, ''when the Chief Shepherd appears, he will receive the crown of glory which does not fade away."
    4.This would be a good day, and a good week, to find a way to encourage and be a blessing to your pastor. 
            We know Paul as a great Christian missionary who did not receive love offerings or financial support from an organization but, as a tent maker, provided his own income and still enabled those around him to tum their world upside down for Christ. It has often been expedient or essential to use a secular skill or a platform for sharing the Gospel (Acts 18:3). Great movements of people seeking employment or education opportunities have enabled Christians to use the same means to evangelize nations, peoples, and certain segments of society otherwise closed to full-time Christian workers. In many nations, this is the major, and often the only way, of getting access to a country. Pray for Christian tent makers throughout the world today. Our ministry, R.H.E.M.A. is currently involved in training men with vocational skills to reach their community in Asia. This will revolutionize our outreach.