October 31

Today's Bible Reading
            II Kings 13
            II Timothy 3
            Hosea 5-6
            Psalms 119:145-176
“But knowthis,that in the last days perilous times will come.” 
(II Timothy 3:1)
            When you open your morning paper at breakfast, you are likely to lose your appetite. Murders, rapes, kidnappings, assault, child abuse, spouse abuse, parental abuse - these are common headlines even in small-town newspapers.  Almost hour by hour, we hear of terrorist activity throughout the world and in almost every country.  Men are thinking evil all the time.
            This kind of generation is referred to in the Bible as “The Days of Noah.” In Matthew 24, Jesus said we would know that we were in the last days because there would be days like the days of Noah. What characteristics mark the days of Noah? It was a day of immorality, ignorance, and indifference. The Book of Genesis tells us that man's wickedness on the earth was very great and that “every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually” (Genesis 6:5)
            Just as the floodwaters caught that generation unaware, so the end of the earth will catch the deceived sleepers of our generation unaware. God’s people realize that these are the last days because perilous times have come.  The clock is ticking down.  We have almost reached midnight.  The angels are preparing for the shout, and Gabriel has his horn in his hand.  It won't be long - the Messiah will come!        The thread of history will snap, and those who are unprepared will be caught up in the Tribulation, which is to follow.
            For five years, I ministered in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.  This is the home of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory and it is where the bomb was built. It is the nuclear center of America, and had at the time I lived there more PhD's per capita than any other city in the nation. When this secret city was built in 1942, it was for the purpose of building the first nuclear bomb. That bomb was dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan, and brought about the end of the World War.
            One of the scientists who worked on the Manhattan Project in Oak Ridge observed the first test of the nuclear bomb in New Mexico. His words were, “My God, we've created Hell.” Many believe that nuclear weapons will bring about the end of the world.  They will certainly play a significant part, but it is God Himself who will bring about the end of the world.
            Nuclear weapons have created the necessity of the now famous Doomsday Clock. These days, they keep the hands of that clock near midnight.  Events taking place right now make it very clear that the Rapture will happen soon. Perilous times have come. We are in the terminal generation, the Rapture generation. It is imperative that God's people not only be ready themselves, but to be a part of whatever it takes to bring in the harvest of souls in these last days.
            Not much is said today about the rapidly developing maritime ministry that is reaching so many people throughout the world. There are a significant variety of ships with a noble Christian ministry that has proved to be one of the major means the Holy Spirit has used to spread missions vision and to cross-pollinate evangelistic methods. Pray for those ministries that use ships and boats to take the Gospel where others have found difficulty having success.