October 5

Today’s Bible Reading
     I Kings 8
     Ephesians 5
     Ezekiel 38
     Psalms 89
“Therefore be followers of God as dear children.” (Ephesians 5:1)
            The word followers in our memory verse is the word ''mimics'' from the Greek word “mimetai”. It actually means a mimeograph copy, or carbon copy, of the Lord. He says, and it can be properly translated, ''Be ye imitators of God as beloved children." This sets the theme for the section. Paul is simplyarguing that children are like their parents, a fact that can be both encouraging and embarrassing to those of us who have children.
            Some timeago, I sawa little boy walking with his father. He was stretching his legs in an effort to walk in the footsteps ofhis father. That's exactlywhat we are to do as we imitate our Lord.
           The Bible tells us that Enoch walked with God. This happened after his son, Methuselah, was born. Enoch must have said, ''If my boy is going to walk after me, then I must walk after God." It is very important how we walk in front of our children. Our Heavenly Father has set the example for us, and we are to be imitators of Him.
            Thisis a stunningcommand, that we humans should be followers and imitators of the Father, the God of the universe. It is also a stimulatingcommand.This idea stimulates me for I know that God never requires anything from me that He is not able to provide for me, sowhat He is commanding me to do, He provides the power to perform. Where God guides, He always provides.
            It is clear that Paul uses the analogy of walking in this passage. In verse 2, he tells us to ''walk in loveasChrist loved us." Jesus was the absolute perfect example of love, and we are to love others as He loved us. It is also a walk inlight. We seethat in verse 8. God has delivered us from the darkness, and our lives are to reflect the light of His dear Son. (Colossians1:13)
           When Jesus came walking into the dark world, He was the light. Folks were uncomfortable in His presence, not because of what He said, but because of who He was and what He stood for. The light rebuked the darkness. We are to walk in the glow of His light, and to let our light shine in a dark world. He will always make the darkness uncomfortable,and perhaps make you unpopular. Christians ought to be a conscience to those around them, and a bright light in a dark place.
            Someone says, “Well, you don't know how bad they are where I work, and it's hard to take a standfor Christ in that place.” That may be why God put you there - to be alight in the midst of darkness. Just say, “I'm the only Christian there, but I'm the first Christ put there.” Then, in verse 15, he tells them to walk circumspectly. That is a compound word that means, “to walk looking around.” It means to “keep your head up, to be aware, to be alert, to be awake.” He speaks of accuracy, perception, precision, carefulness, and thoughtfulness. He is actually saying to be identified as a Child of God by your walk.
            Dr. R. G. Lee was known as the “Prince of Preachers.” He tells of a preacher who got a burden for a Chinese man, but he never witnessed to him. One day, the burden was intense but still he was so busy that he did not go. The next day, he went to look him up and found a funeral wreath on the door, and an old Chinese man sitting by the door. He asked about his friend, and the old Chinese man said, “Him go away yesterday, sundown.” Are you making the most of your opportunities?
            There are 7,148 languages in the world. At least 2,000 still have a need for New Testament translation work, and over 2,000 need to be surveyed to determine their need. The provision of God's Word in the mother tongue of each people of the world is fundamentalto world evangelization. Pray for God to raise up ministries to help with the translation of Scripture. One of the men that ourministry supports is Jaison Job of India. As I write this I am I'm India with Jaison. He has translated the Scripture for the people in Goa, India. These people have never had sucha translation. Pray for Jaison Job and people like him today whoare translating the Word of God into the language ofthe people.