Today's Bible Readings
     II Samuel 8-9
     II Corinthians 2
     Ezekiel 16
     Psalms 58-59
''Now thanks be to God who always leads us in triumph in Christ, and through us diffuses the fragrance of His knowledge in every place." (II Corinthians 2: 14)
      Not long ago, I heard someone say, ''Little thinkers make big stinkers." Having pastored churches for many years, I would tend to agree with that. The troublemakers who create problems in the church are usually those people who have a small vision based upon negativism and small thinking. I certainly would not want to be known as one of those who is constantly thinking negatively and discouraging the forward progress of the church with my pettiness and negativism.
      In these verses, Paul is talking about moving forward in our triumph in Christ. This is the attitude that creates an atmosphere of growth and progress, and diffuses the fragrance of the aroma of Christ for the saved and for the lost. May that be the atmosphere of every body of believers. It is the only one that is conducive to reaching a lost world and growing the saved in the likeness of Jesus who is the source of this fragrance.
      The proper perspective for the child of God is that we are here for only one purpose - to be captives marching in the procession of Christ's triumphs. We are not on display in God's showcase - we are here to exhibit only one thing - the ''captivity of our lives to the obedience of Christ." (II Corinthians 10:5)
      It is only as we march in triumphant procession that we will share the fragrance of Christ with a lost world.
      How small is the thinking of any other perspective. For example, some say, ''I am standing all alone, battling for Jesus'', or ''I have to maintain the cause of Christ and hold down this fort for Him." Paul said, in essence, ''I am in the procession of a conqueror and it does not matter what the difficulties are, for I am always led by Jesus and am triumphant."
      Never forget the proper perspective of a servant of God. It must not simply be to be as near the highest places he can get, but it must be the highest. Refuse to think on a finite level. Think only in terms of what He can accomplish in you and through you.
      Paul’s secret joy was that God took him as a blatant rebel against Jesus Christ and made him a captive - and that became his purpose. It was Paul's joy to be a captive in the Lord, and he had no other interest in Heaven or on earth. It is this spirit and attitude that will make you ''more than a conqueror." The best translation is ''hyper-conqueror.”
      As you continue to pray for Cameroon, this country of more than 16 million souls, pray especially for these people groups - the Kanuri, Kotoko, House of Hausa, and the Fali. In all these groups, there are only about 30 believers. The need is great in these less-reached people-groups of Cameroon.
''Bigness in God's sight is measured in terms of quality, not quantity."
Bob Jones, Jr.