Today's Bible Readings
     II Samuel 11
     II Corinthians 4
     Ezekiel 18
     Psalms 62-63
      ''Always carrying about in the body the dying of the Lord Jesus, that the life of Jesus also may be manifested in our body." (II Corinthians 4: 10)
      Adversity and pain is not easy or pleasant for any of us, but it is adversity and pain that allows us to exhibit the life of Jesus in our mortal flesh. The adversity comes to all of us, but very few of us are able to enjoy it for the purpose for which it came. I have discovered that I am usually just irritated by the pain and suffering that comes with adversity. The only thing that will enable me to enjoy adversity is the acute sense of eagerness of allowing the life of the Son of God to evidence itself in me. I must be willing to say, no matter how difficult the pain, ''Lord, I am delighted to obey You in this." There are many examples of such obedience, not only in Scripture, but also in the history of the Christian church.
      Amy Carmichael was an Irish missionary who spent 53 years in South India without a furlough. Our ministry has trained young pastors in the area where she served for more than 50 years and she is still greatly loved there. She founded the Dohnavur Fellowship, a refuge for children in mortal danger. For a great part of her life, she was bedridden with an incapacitating affliction, but she never let up in serving others by her prayers, writings, and personal counseling. The Spirit of God, on whom she was totally committed, has wafted the fragrance of her life across the Christian world. Her life and ministry are best reflected in this challenging poem.
            Hast thou no scar,
            No hidden scar on foot, or side, or hand?
            I hear these sung as mighty in the land.
            I hear them hail thy bright, ascending star,
            Hast thou no scar?
            Hast thou no wound?
            Yet I was wounded by the archers,
            Spent, leaned me against a tree to die and rent,
            Thy ravaging beast that compassed me,
            I swooned - hast thou no wound?
            No wound, no scar.
            It is the Master shall the servant be,
            And pierced to the feet that follow me,
            But thine are whole:
            Can he have followed far who has no wound nor scar?
      Amy Carmichael
      Over 4 million people live in the Central African Republic. In this nation that claims 70o/o Christian population, the great need is for more Bible translation. Only four indigenous languages have the whole Bible. Pray for effective use of the newly revised Sango New Testament and for the revision of the Old Testament currently in progress. Islam claims a fast growing part of the population, and we need to pray for the Christian influence among them that they may be brought to Christ.
''Despite all of our faults, weaknesses and inabilities, there really is NO LIMIT to what God can do with us, if we will simply turn our lives completely over to Him and be willing to let HIM make us what He wants us to be."
D.L. Moody